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Whel Chair Lift

Once upon a time disability was almost synonymous to static condition and it was on conception that it is hardly possible for disabled persons to move as per their on choice across the stair is without any help from other helper. But with the introduction of wheelchair lift technology in domestic life this conception was abruptly changed and the technology of stair lift converted the static life of the physically challenged people in many aspects. Vertical wheel chair lifts is one of the uses of stair lift device and this kind of stair lift technology is used to move the wheel chairs upward and down ward as per the requirement of the person using the wheel chair himself.

Before introduction of this kind of the wheel chair lift, people with wheel chair had to have an escort for accompanying the person to help him or her in managing getting in and out in lift, but the use of vertical stair lifts has made the effort easier and self manageable for the physically challenged person for the upgraded maneuverity facility. This kind of lifts are driven by either power energy or by a system made of hydraulics.

There are many situations where this kind of lift is the preferred version of movement, Vertical home provides better accessibility to home or in the access of the step coming out directly from the home.
The use of wheelchair stair lift are frequently used in large auditorium and seminar halls where the physically challenged person can get access easily to the stage and if necessary can participate in the program without any kind of help from other. Nowadays this kind of device is frequently used in school auditorium and other institutes have installed this kind of elevator device for the better privilege for the physically challenged students.

In the old constructions where there is no scope to introduce wheel chair in the lift, vertical lift is the solution there for better movement and flexibility of the user. In fact there are several examples in existence where in the old buildings instead of introduction of ramp vertical stir lift was installed for better logistic options and facilities.

There are some structural requirements of the installation of vertical lifts. To work properly the vertical lifts require an area with enclosures and a platform where the lift can stay. The walls of that area should avoid all kind of movement when lifting will be done. Shaftway type is another version of vertical stair lift kind that fits all types of lifts in its arrangement.

Wheelchair stair lift are keys to effortless mobility for a physically challenged person and provides better independence for these persons. This kind of lift is the best option of lift for the buildings where there is no lift installed as yet for better advantages. In USA according to the ordeal related the minimum provisions for the physically challenged persons at least vertical stair lift needs to be installed in the building where there is no existing elevator system that can carry wheel chair upward.