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Sterling Stairlifts

Sterling stairlifts is a US based company who is owned by Minivator who has over 30 years experience in stairlift design manufacturing and installation. Sterling stairlifts Sterling stairliftare designed in the UK and adhear to a very high qualiaty and saftey standards.

Sterling stairligts offers a full line of straight and curved rail systems for fit any staircase. One of the main features with sterling is their hinged railsystem that allows acces to doorways that cross the path of the stairlift.

Some of sterlings main featues includ saftey sensors, remote call inccase your stairlift is on a different floor, foldable seat and armrests, swivel seat and numerous fabrics and colors to choose from.

Sterlings straight stairlift indoor series come in the 950 series and 1000 series. The curved stairlift line includes the 2000 series that is designed to work arround bends and contours.

The Sterling 1000 also comes in an out door model which is perfect for outdoor stairways or getting down to your dock. The sterling 1000 stairlifts are weatherroofed aswell as come with an outdoor cover to proect it from the elements when not in use.

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