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Stannah stairlifts is a very large company specializing in everything from stairlifts toStannah stairliftelevator lifts. Stannah is one of the world’s larges manufactures of stairlifts and has office all around the world.

Stannah is a family owned and operated company taht manufactures, stair lifts, platform lifts and passenger lifts.


The Stannah 420 stairlift has a compact rail with fold up seat and arms making it compact for tight spaces. The chair comes upholsters in fabric or leather in numerous colors to match your decor. The stannah 420 works on a 24v motor and has a charging system that constantly trickle charges the batteries helping to extend their life. Stannah lifts come with an optional swivel seat than can be powered or free swivel.

Stannah 260 stairlift uses a curved rail that is custom built to fit the contour of your staircase. Stannah 260 uses a continues rail so to glide up and down providing you the smoothest ride possible.

Stannah 320 outdoor stairlfit has been designed to withstand the hottest and coldest climates. The seat and backing is made from fade and crack proof plastic, with double powder coating metal to prevent rust.

For more information on Stannah stairlifts check out their website at to view they product site in numerous countries.

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