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Stairliftsdirect is an authorized canadain distributor for Acorn stairlifts. They specialize in sales on all of the acron stairlift line. stairliftdirect Every staiflift is custom sized to fit your specific stairlift streight from the acorn factory.

As with all of the aorn line there is a one year full parts warrantyand a lifetime warranty on the motor and gearbox.

The lifts are easy to install and can be done in a coupple of hours.

When ordering from stairlifts direct they provide free shipping within canada, the reail come precut to your specifiction. The weight of th elift is 290 lbs and 350lbs for the heavy duy version.

Stairlifts being a mobility product are tax exempt within canda!



For more info from stairlifts direct chock out there canadain website:

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