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Stair Lift Installaion

Installing a stair lift.

Adding s stair lift to your home can be a great way to improve your homes accessibility. If you have a family member or frequent visitor for whom climbing stairs causes a great deal of stress, you can help to alleviate that mental anguish by installing a stair lift that will allow them to get around your home without incident

stairlift installation
and without embarrassment.

Nowadays, installing a stair lift in your home is quite simple and provides you the benefit of owning a home that is more accessible to all persons, and allows those with less mobility to navigate your house with convenience at their own leisure.

Once you have purchased the stair lift that works for you and your home, and which fits the specific size of your flight of stairs, you must of course install it. This may seem fairly daunting at first, but modern technology has made it simple enough that it can be done fairly easily with only the provided kit, a screwdriver, a hammer, and a level. You should always consult the owner's manual for the kit before proceeding with the installation, but in general the steps are fairly straight-forward:

1. There are usually three brackets that will come with your stair lift: one that goes at the top of the stairs, one that goes at the bottom and one that fits in somewhere in the middle. Place the track on the wall side of the stairs, while attaching the brackets to the steps with the correct screws.

2. Your stair lift will come with a wire that will allow the lift to return to the bottom of the staircase after it has reached the top. Feed this cord through the track, against the wall, from the bottom to the top of the stair lift.

3. Next is to install the track to the stairs and the seat to the track. The seat should attach between the two tracks that came with the kit. Lay the upper track on top of the lower track and screw it in. After that, connect the combined track to the brackets that are attached to the stairs from step one. Make sure the track is level so that the seat does not get stuck. After attaching the track to the stairs, screw the stair lift seat into the track with the correct screws.

4. The stair lift comes with a pulley that moves the chair up and down the stair case. Install this chain in the center of the track, right in the middle. You should be able to slide the pulley in both directions without very much resistance.

5. There is one more cable required: this one to power the lift. The power cable should be fed through a slot in the track that is designed for the cable. After it has been fed through, you may carefully provide power to the machine by plugging the power cord into the bottom of the track, and then into a wall outlet.


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