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Stair Elevator

Stair Elevators are the ultimate in high end mobility. When money is not an concern most often opt for a stair elevator rather then a stair lift due to its stair elevator un-intrusive appearance and ability to keep full regular usage of the stairs. Stair elevators come in many sizes shapes and models. The elevator to the right is a very high end glass model, while others can be a lot simpler and come at a much greater cost. If the high end version is not in your budget you might want to check out the Minivator a small affordable version with a very small footprint.

The other more common style of stair elevators is a hydraulic lifted platform. Wheelchairs can drive on to this platform and raise it up to the next level. This model is generally used in commercial settings due to its larger more robust frame. The lifts can also be used for transporting pallets and large items making them an ideal multi use lift for commercial applications.

Standard hydraulic wheel chair lifts start at about 2,500$ and up depending on the size, features and lifting capabilities.

Stair Elevator lift installation
Stair elevators require professional design, installation and inspection. Hydraulic wheel chair elevators come at a much lower cost and have fairly simple installation. Most elevator lifts are either free standing or bolted to the floor and require minimal setup.

If you are interested in more information about stair elevators and wheel chair lifts check out some of the retailers sites.