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Motorized Wheelchairs

Motorized wheel chairs are an excellent alternative to the standard push wheel motorized wheelchairchairs. Motorized wheelchairs give you the versatility of a scooter while not compromising comfit. If you like thousands of elderly or disabled find it exhausting to push around a wheel chair all day, then a motorized wheelchair should be considered.

Electric wheelchairs are becoming very portable with the average weight at less than100 lbs. Most have the ability to quickly dissemble and fit into the trunk of a car.

Heavy duty electric wheelchairs are designed for more versatile terrains such as off roading, rocks and gravel. Heavy duty wheelchairs often have extra front wheels to absorb bumps and give the rider a smoother ride.


Buy Electric WheelchairElectric wheelchairs start at as little as $600 and can work their way up to $6,000 for heavier duty models with faster speed, more power, and curb climbing abilities.