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Minivator is an innovative home version of an standard stair elevator. One of the best features of minivator elevatorthe Minivators is its extrremely small foot print. The Minivator uses a track that is attached to the back wall to climb up to the next level. The rail system takes up very little space letting it fit in very tight areas.

The Minivator control panel is controlled by a key lock, up and down and an emergency stop button.

One of the coolest parts of the Minivator is the top floor has a cap that seals the hole in the floor when its on the lower level. When the minivator goes up it lifts the floor cap up like a trap door to the second floor. The floor trap door elegantly conceals intrusive holes, and is sturdy enough to walk on.

The Minivator can handle a load of up to 450 pounds and travels at 20 feet per minute. The Minivator is entirely self contained and can be fit into any home.


Minivator Installation
The Minivator is an all in one unit self contained unit making install fairly straight forward. Due to the structural impact of the minivator professional install is a must. In some cases additional structural support may be required inside of the wall.