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Brooks Stairlifts

Brooks stairlift is one of the oldest chairlift manufactures in the industry with brooks lincoln stairliftover 30 years experience in the industry.

Back in 1972 Fredrick Brooks originally designed a stairlift for his wife who had difficulty climbing stairs due to her arthritis.

Brooks stairlft innovation had became a success, when word of his product got out health professionals from all over Brittan were contacting brooks to build stair lifts. A year later Brooks’s stairlift was formed.
Today Brooks stairlifts are a popular and well known brad.

Buy Brooks Lincoln Stairlift
Stairlifts start around $2,450 including delivery to your door for a standard straight stairlift. For curved stair lifts or custom configurations you may have to request a quote for an accurate price.

All Broks stairlifts come with a 1 year comprehensive warranty, providing you register your lift within 30 days of receiving your product.
Brooks has a major manufacturing office in the USA and the UK, be sure to check out the desired website for further information.


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