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Bison Stairlift

Bison stairlift or Bison bede stairlifts is one of the leading UK stairlift supplier. Bison bison 80 stair lifthas been designing stairlifts for over 20 years. Bisons product lines include straight and curved stair lift systems.

Bison has three main models of stairlifts:

Bison 50 which is for straight stircases
Bison 80 for curved staircases
Bison Compact which is designed for outdoor staircases.

The Bison 50 and 80 stairlifts also come in two models which allow you to either sit or stand on the lift.


The Bison 80 for curved staircase features a self leveling system to always keep you sitting up straight. Bison assure their system will always provide a smooth ride around curves and bends. Their rail systems is very thing and blends into your home. The Bison 80 is a battery powered unit making it quiet and providing piece of mind in the event of a power outage.

The step of the liftchar starts and ends at ground level making it extremely easy to get on and off.

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