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Stair lifts also known as stairway elevator and stair glider have been enabling thestair lift disabled and overcoming the cumbersome of stairs. Stair Lift Tips helps you make the right choice on choosing which stairlift is right for you.


Wheelchair stair lifts are a much heavier duty version of the stair lift. Rather then having a seat it the lift has a heavy duty platform to transfer up the person with their wheelchair.

Stair Elevators are similar to wheelchair stair lifts but more along the lines of a classic elevator for home use.

Outdoor Stair Lifts are useful for assistant to raised level houses

Sleep Comfort Beds give you the unlimited control in having the ultimate nights rest. Electric adjustable beds can help accommodate any angle of sleep and can even assist in getting out of bed, which can be a tedious task when experiencing pain.

Lift Chairs accommodate those with bad knees by lifting and tilting the chair assisting in getting up. Lift chairs are generally ran on 120V and run off an electric motor.

Health Care Insurance will some time assist in the purchases such as stairlifts and lift chairs. Depending on your plan you may be eligible, check with your health care insure or health care insurance provider.


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Platform Stair Lifts are similar to chair stair lifts but instead are used to transport wheelchairs or other large items up stairways or to higher levels.